Carters to quit Moseley?

Brad Carter has closed his highly regarded Birmingham restaurant Carters of Moseley and will reopen it at a new site early next year. The restaurant is currently operating as a summer residency in a greenhouse belong to specialist grower Westlands UK, in the Vale of Evesham.

Brad has confirmed that the residency will be extended until November 5 – and that he won’t return to the restaurant’s original site on St Mary’s Row, which he opened in 2010.

Harden’s has regularly listed Carters of Moseley as one of the best destinations in Birmingham, hailing its development into a “fine modern restaurant” through Brad’s “passionate and inventive cookery”.

The chef says he is “buzzed to be cooking at Westlands“, whose Will Boers has long supplied his kitchen with specialist ingredients. The eight-course tasting meals served in the greenhouse will display “ultra-British seasonality“.

Brad said: “Westlands UK are committed to sustainability, so our responsibility is to support their ongoing mission of work – the menu sits at around 75% of produce grown in & around the dining space…

The menu here is complete sustainability – inspired by the herbs, flowers & plants of Westlands – in our usual style of complete circle, recycled cooking we will use whole shellfish, whole animals and seasonal fruits to create one off unique dishes for our time in the glasshouse.

Think of the warmth in the tomatoes plucked from the vines and the intoxicating smell in the greenhouse they produce – expect edible flowers, herbs and plants picked & harvested by hand within minutes of eating them, experiencing the optimum texture, flavour and peak freshness of the products in the environment they grow.

Brad has yet to release any details on the new site for Carters.

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