Restaurant refuses service to diners wearing shoes without socks

shoes no socksIn a move seemingly likely to enrage hipsters across East London, a new eatery has banned diners who turn up wearing shoes but no socks.

Olof Prail, owner of Fool Proof in an converted former haberdashery off Brick Lane, said he’s sick of customers complaining about cold ankles, when they sit down at one of his disused school desks and upturned apple crates. His wacky small plates menu, which includes boxes of pure oxygen infused with BBQ smoke and Louisiana-style hot sauce vapour, is extremely popular with hipsters looking to eat practically nothing while paying near £20 a pop for cocktails served in glass-ware-ware fashioned from reclaimed telephone poll insulators.

Since his announcement on Twitter, many more restaurateurs have tweeted their support for him using the hashtag #nosocksnoservice. However a fellow resident of the converted disused factory, gentleman’s moustache wax designer, Ti S Madup, says the decision is an outrage. However Ti cautions: “I’m having difficulty getting a hard yes on protesting from any of the guys – apathy is really in at the moment.”

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