Top 5 ‘trendiest’ restaurants

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We’ve teamed up with the good people of Twizoo, a Twitter mining app that delves into the dark waters of social media to bring you the top trending restaurants in London. From unconventional cold remedies at The Jones Family Project (spicy squid) to flowery feasts at Fera and Q Grill’s Chalet and Q on Ice pop-ups, here are the top five most talked about dining spots in the capital this week…


Trending Restaurants 24-31 October

1.The Jones Family Project @JonesShoreditch

What people are saying:

    • Via @PlanetRaucous : “@JonesShoreditch perfect brunch this morning – great food, coffee and service with a smile!”
    • Via @NikSpeller : “Nothing better for helping a cold than spicy squid at @JonesShoreditch. Thanks @crixtwist.”


2. Fera at Claridges @FeraAtClaridges

What people are saying:

    • Via @Meera13 : “Wonderful wonderful food. Honestly. Absolutely perfect perfect @simon_rogan @FeraAtClaridges xxx”
    • Via @kevinrbarker : “@carrie_loves_ @FeraAtClaridges you’ll love it, have never eaten so many flowers in my life, and I recommend the tasting wines”


3. Oblix at the Shard @oblixrestaurant

What people are saying:

    • Via @sarahfitzm : “Another evening, another incredible view of London Town. Last night at @OblixRestaurant @TheShardLondon “
    • Via @CeeCee_x1 : “@OblixRestaurant #yummy #foodies #lovelife #lovelondon #viewsfromabove #smilelondon #friends #laughter”


4. Q-Grill @QGrillLondon

What people are saying:

    • Via @milliereed : “Thank you @QGrillLondon, your Afternoon Tea was just delicious. And beautiful ”
    • Via @LoveandLim :” This week I am most looking forward to having dinner @QGrillLondon #LeChalet.”


5. City Social @CitySocial_T42

What people are saying:

  • Via @allumerjewelry : “Definitely going to have to go to @CitySocial_T42 soon! Looks INCREDIBLE! #london #foodie”
  • Via @katperriam : “The food at @_JasonAtherton @CitySocial_T42 was so good, that if I never ate again I’d still be happy.


picture of Twizoo
Twizoo is an app that finds the best places to eat or drink based on what people are saying on Twitter. Having analysed over eight million Tweets (and counting) about the London restaurant scene, Twizoo cooks down all the Twitter buzz to an easy to digest visualisation– using colour and size cues that let you know the overall pulse about that place. To find more trending restaurants based on Twitter, download Twizoo for iOS and Android, and follow @TwizooLondon for updates.


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