Claude Bosi denied settled status in EU rejection

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Claude Bosi, from Bibendum in Chelsea, has been denied permanent UK residency.

The chef, who has wowed diners with his classic French nouvelle cuisine since taking on the iconic building two years ago, had his application rejected by the Home Office last week, and shared the news on social media.

Bosi has lived in lived in England for 23 years and yet the Lyon-born, London-based chef was told a document certifying his ability to stay on in the UK was refused by government decision makers.

According to the Evening Standard, Bosi’s application for EU settled status was rejected because he failed to provide appropriate P60 forms in order to prove he had lived in the UK continuously for at least five years.

Though the same letter recognises that he has been self employed in the UK since 1997.

“It was very upsetting to receive that letter. I’ve got a wife and three kids, and have been here for 23 years, it’s not like I’ve just arrived. I can’t afford just to decide to leave,” Bosi told the Evening Standard.

“It’s like as long as you’ve been here and as hard as you’ve been working and as much as you love the country you’re just not welcome,” he added.

The chef has 14 days to reapply for permanent UK residency after Brexit.


It later became apparent Bosi had applied for permanent status rather than the new special EU scheme implemented for Brexit.

He told the Guardian he hadn’t heard of the new scheme and was recommended he seek permanent status by a friend.

But while Bosi has the alternative, he said the letter is still an unwelcome one and had he received it before investing in Bibendum, he would have likely left the country.

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