Bancone to open second site in Soho

London is to get yet another destination for pasta-lovers and value hounds. Bancone, one of the capital’s favourite fiercely new-age joints, is planning to open a second site in Soho.

The first, in Covent Garden, was presented the award for Top Cheap Eat at Harden’s London Restaurant Awards 2019 earlier this month. Its impressively good value offering has quickly earnt it favourable comparisons with longer-established names such as Padella, Pastaio, and Pastifico.

Bancone is the work of William Ellner (of Joanna’s in Crystal Palace), with ex-Locanda Locatelli chef Louis Korovilas in the kitchen.

Dishes include pappardelle with kid goat and rosemary ragù. There’s also an aperiviti and a cool cicchetti bar.

Round two, it has become apparent, will be instilled in the now defunct Foxlow joint, and will be an altogether larger, though no less elegant affair.

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