Daphne’s makes its comeback

picture of Daphne

After almost coming to a fiery end back in February, Chelsea institution Daphne’s  has finally made its comeback. The blaze at the Caprice group restaurant may have been confined to the kitchen vents, with the dining room only suffering smoke damage, but Daphne’s has nonetheless undergone a major refurbishment under designer Martin Brudnizki. This – the Caprice group insists – maintains the 50-year-old restaurant’s ‘warmth and familiarity’.

The menu will continue to focus on all things Italian, but with a new section: from the “griglia”.

To celebrate the relaunch, 50 celebrities have been asked to design a bespoke Venetian mask that will go on display in the restaurant. The masks will be displayed for a month and then sold to diners with all proceeds of the sales going towards Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.


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