Ash Mair finally opens Bilbao Berria

picture of Bilbao Berria

Australian chef Ash Mair (winner of 2011 MasterChef Professionals) has finally opened his long-awaited tapas restaurant in (Lower) Regent Street. The Basque-inspired Bilbao Berria is a genuine Spanish export, an offshoot of a chain with two sites already in Bilbao, two in Barcelona and one in Ibiza.

This is the chain’s first international outpost and will be headed up by Mair, who has made some slight menu changes to suit British palates. The restaurant is split into a casual dining area serving pinxtos and tapas with an open grill, and a more formal dining space serving an à la carte menu of Spanish and Basque dishes.

Bilbao Berria opened yesterday (22 May).


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