What’s in a name? Le Caprice becomes The Arlington

Jeremy King has revealed the name for his revival of Le Caprice, the legendary St James’s restaurant he has resumed control after a 25-year gap: it will be called the Arlington, after the street it is in.

The restaurant closed down three years ago under the ownership of Richard Caring, who retains the name as ‘Caprice Holdings’, his restaurant group that includes Scott’s, Bacchanalia and Sexy Fish. The lease became available a few months ago and Jeremy snapped it up ahead of a relaunch early next year complete with former maître d’ Jesus Adorno at the helm.

Founded in 1947, Le Caprice was the first restaurant Jeremy ran, as a 27-year-old in 1981 alongside business partner Chris Corbin. Fittingly, the Arlington will be the first in a trio of openings he has planned for next year, in his solo comeback after the pair were ousted from Corbin & King by its majority investor, the Thai-based Minor group. Arlington Street is just around the corner from the Ritz hotel – and from the Wolseley, founded by Corbin & King and now the flagship of Minor’s London operation.

It was at Le Caprice that Jeremy established his reputation as the consummate host, attracting a full house of A-list celebs and royals through the 80s and 90s. But he says there won’t be a grand opening-night party at the Arlington: “I’d invite 200 people, but disappoint 2,000. And the security – can you imagine?

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