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We’ve teamed up with the good people of Twizoo, a Twitter mining app that delves into the dark waters of social media to bring you the top trending restaurants in London. From delicious Chocolate Week treats at The Café at Café Royal to tea and cakes at Timberyard and Drink, Shop, Do, here are the top five most talked about dining spots in the capital this week…


Trending Restaurants 10-17 October

1. Blue Bird @bluebirdchelsea

What people are saying:

    • Via @_Garrinchaa : “Had such a good dinner at @bluebirdchelsea
    • Via @alexjm__ : “After work beer going down far too well @bluebirdchelsea


2. The Café at Café Royal @TheCafeCR

What people are saying:

    • Via @joshwhite101 : “Delicious chocolate & gold leaf thecafecr @ The Cafe At Cafe Royal, Regent Street http://instagram.com/p/uJPx4whXIN/ 
    • Via @Danny_K : “What a great night at @thecafecr seeing @AHarperMilliner for a @ChocolateWeek event #hungryforfashion”


3. Chotto Matte @ChottoMatteSoho

What people are saying:

    • Via @SEDLAW15 : “Just had one of the best meals I’ve ever had, anywhere in the world, at @ChottoMatteSoho in #London. Thank you @chefmichaelpaul – perfect!”
    • Via @ClearHeatVision : “What an incredible dining atmosphere at @ChottoMatteSoho. Absolutely unique.”


4. Timberyard @timberyarduk

What people are saying:

    • Via @JanetLJenkins :” Lunch at @timberyarduk . Lovely place . Must go there more often. Banana & peanut butter cake a must ! #InTheNameOfResearch”
    • Via @TomPaulMaya : “Monday’s feeling sorry for itself! Luckily I’m starting mine with this delicious breakfast @timberyarduk


5. Drink, Shop and Do @DrinkShopDo

  • What people are saying:
    • Via @ siobond : “@DrinkShopDo my new fave tea shop”
    • Via @ Bhavna_ : “The tea and cakes at @DrinkShopDo are AMAZING! Everyone needs to go there at least once! #BloggersTeaParty “


picture of Twizoo

Twizoo is an app that finds the best places to eat or drink based on what people are saying on Twitter. Having analysed over eight million Tweets (and counting) about the London restaurant scene, Twizoo cooks down all the Twitter buzz to an easy to digest visualisation– using colour and size cues that let you know the overall pulse about that place. To find more trending restaurants based on Twitter, download Twizoo for iOS and Android, and follow @TwizooLondon for updates.


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