picture of Il Bordello

Some “can’t see what all the fuss is about”, others go nuts for its “game-changing cuisine” – one things for sure, Ollie Dabbous’s Fitzrovia flagship doesn’t produce any tepid responses from our reporters. And now, love it or loathe it, it may actually be possible to get a reservation at chef’s eponymous restaurant as it will open on Mondays as of 2 March.

The extended opening hours also offers further opportunity to sample some new additions to the menu. Dishes include: home cured goose with fenugreek; turnip flower with meadowsweet, manuka honey & almonds; barbecued octopus with violet mustard, sesame & cassava; pulled veal breast with sprouts, seeds & dried flowers and eucalyptus snow.

2015 looks set to become a busy year for Dabbous as rumours abound of another Barnyard opening (this time at The Strand’s historic Somerset House) and the chef balances his growing empire with his developing media presence, including a new post as columnist for PORT magazine.


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