Hospitality businesses to embark on widespread recruitment drive in 2021

Around three-quarters of hospitality businesses will be planning large-scale recruitment drives this year, a new CGA survey said.

Research that pooled responses from 726 operators across the sector found 44 per cent would be looking to embark on hiring programs that will see the induction of the same amount of new staff, or more, than in previous years.

Businesses replied to say they predict their workforces will return to 79 per cent of their previous scale by July 2021, and 90 per cent by December 2021.

The survey was sponsored by the analytics service Fourth, which also found jobs in hospitality reduced by 28 per cent over 2020. Recovery, then, is a priority for most.

The industry has long been a strong and efficient stimulus in a recovering economy and hospitality jobs were a key driver after the 2008 recession.

Around 78 per cent of business leaders stated employee engagement will be a key focus this year.

Fourth’s Sebastien Sepierre, managing director, EMEA, said: “There is cautious optimism returning to the industry, thanks to a clear timeline for reopening and a new round of support measures announced in the Budget.

“This shot in the arm will act as the starting gun for many businesses, as they seek to drive employment and establish systems ahead of reopening.

“Make no mistake, this is still a precarious time for operators, with fluctuating consumer demand and fierce competition all contributing to an uncertain and fast-changing operating climate.”

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