Make Peter Weeden’s sustainable scrambled eggs

raymond and peterThis week, during the launch of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) Food Made Good campaign, the Newman Street Tavern’s chef/patron Peter Weeden whipped up some truly spectacular scrambled eggs. They were so good in fact that Raymond Blanc (president of the SRA) vowed to teach the technique to his chefs at Le Manoir. And here is the recipe. If you have a go at making these eggs at home please tweet pictures of your work using the hashtag #MakeFoodGood.



3 Organic free range eggs.

1 Knob of organic salted butter.

A pinch of salt and pepper.

1 very impressed Frenchman.


(This recipe is all about the technique so make sure you follow these steps closely! Peter says that cooking the whites and then stirring in the yolks gives the eggs an incredible creaminess. Something to which Harden’s can attest having sampled them this week!)

• Melt a knob of good butter in a pan over a moderate heat ensuring it doesn’t brown (remember we are not frying the eggs).

• Crack 3 free range Organic lovely eggs into a bowl.

• Tip the eggs into the butter.

• Gently swirl & stir the eggs to break the white, allowing it to cook first & taking care not to break the yolks (for extra guidance watch the egg yolk scene from Tampopo).

• Season your eggs.

• Once the white is just set, remove from the heat & break the yolk so that it coats all the broken white.

• Return to the heat and stir until the yolk is thickened to taste (think of it as a thickening custard & whip off the heat, out the pan & onto a slice of fresh toast as quick as you can to stop further cooking).

Et Voilà!


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