A pop star has complained after not being allowed into Sexy Fish in a hoodie and trainers

The pop star Jess Glynne has complained on social media after she wasn’t allowed into Sexy Fish due to her informal clothing.

The singer posted a photo of her outfit on Instagram and said she was not allowed into the expensive Mayfair restaurant and instead went to Amazonico, which let her in despite having a similar dress code.

“Dear @sexyfishlondon I turned up to your restaurant looking like this and you looked me and my friend up and down and said no you can’t come in and your restaurant was EMPTY.

“I then went to @amazonicolondon who greeted me and my friend with pure joy and we had a banging meal with wicked service. @sexyfishlondon please check yourself if this is how you treat people cause it’s rude, off putting, embarrassing and most definitely not inviting.

“We were made to wait, and 2 members of staff came to look at us and make a decision based on our appearance. I think the attitude of your staff needs to change as that was pure discrimination. Thanks and bye.”

Here’s Jess Glynne’s Instagram post:

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