Emily Roux and Diego Ferrari have finally announced their hotly anticipated joint restaurant

Emily Roux, the youngest active member of the Roux dynasty, is to open her first restaurant.

Roux, daughter of Michel Roux Jr, first hinted at the plan back in March, when she announced she had put in an offer for a restaurant space in Notting Hill. It was known back then that plans were afoot for Roux to team up with Ferrari, who is currently head chef at the two Michelin-starred Le Gavroche.

According to the release announcing the opening, the focus will be on simple, brasserie style cooking (no soufflé Suissesse in sight), and will not focus on the classic French cuisine that the Roux family are known for but with an equal emphasis on Italian cuisine, reflecting each of Roux and Ferrari’s heritage. Smaller winemakers are also to be given a platform.

Emily Roux talked about her new venture…

Roux said: “My background and my training is, of course, classic French fine dining, but I’ve always been so in love with Italian food.

“Then I found love with Italian-born Diego when we were both working in Monaco at Alain Ducasse’s three Michelin starred restaurant, Le Louis XV.

“Since we’ve been together, he has taught me so much about Italian food. Our new restaurant brings together our story, and our menu will always be a reflection of the food we love to cook and love to eat.”

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