The battle of the chefs: Gordo vs Jamie

Gordon RamsayjamieoliverWe don’t want to fan the flames of what is frankly a melba toast thin story, but a few words on this supposed ‘fracas’ between Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. The two chefs have apparently engaged in a war of words with the shouty one telling the Mockney one off for not going to his own restaurant launch in Hong Kong (naughty, naughty).

Then things escalated as Oliver (usually so chill and pukka) retaliated by saying that Ramsay was just jealous of massive restaurant empire. A multi-million pound pissing contest if ever there was one.

Both chefs have had failures (think Oliver closing three out of four Union Jacks and Gordo’s foray into NYC) in their time, but few chains draw the deplorable feedback that Jamie’s Italian garners in our survey each year. From “lamentable” to “overpriced” and “disappointing” the comments are almost universally bad. So perhaps Oliver should be careful when he boasts about the success of his empire – pride as they say, comes before the fall. And according to our research, there’s really not that much to be proud of in the first place.


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