Ramsons relaunches as The Venetian House

picture of Ramsons

Ramsons was never your ordinary provincial restaurant.  As recently as 2011, the North Western legend was rated 73rd best restaurant in the UK in the Sunday Times Food List (which is powered by the Harden’s survey).

Now, the establishment has been reborn as The Venetian House, after proprietor Chris Johnson (who retired on 3 May after almost 30 years) handed over the reins to chef Louise ‘Lu’ Varley, who has now taken overall charge.

Ramsons was long been famous for its authentic Italian cuisine and “superb” all-Italian wine list, so let’s hope the place lives up to the promise of its name. In accordance with the theme, sister restaurant the Hideaway has been renamed The Venetian Hideaway and operates as a cicchetti (small plates) bar.

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