Borough Market reopens after terror attack

Borough Market reopened on 14 June, 11 days after the terror attack that left eight dead and over 48 people injured. The market said the victims would never be forgotten but that they wanted to return to ‘some semblance of normality’ for the wellbeing of the whole community and everybody associated with the market.

Gourmet Goat’s East Mediterranean village food unit inside Rochester Walk has also reopened. Co-founders Nadia and Nick Stokes would like to pass on their thanks to everyone for their support in the days following the attack. Nadia said “Borough Market is more than a market. It is an expression of our love of food, community, our past and future.”

Nadia and Nick want to express their deepest sympathies following the events of 3 June by offering visitors to Gourmet Goat’s stall little pots of their homemade Koliva – a traditional East Med offering in memory of life that has passed. Koliva is a sweet mix of wheat berries, pomegranate seeds, sultanas, nuts, mint, sugar, aniseed, cinnamon and sesame seeds. Each ingredient has ancient symbolism including celebration of life, sweet scents of our world, wishes for finding peace in a greener and sweeter heavenly world. In return for the dish, Gourmet Goat will ask for a donation to the Red Cross UK Solidarity Fund.

We hope that everyone who is able to will visit and support Borough Market in the coming days. Read our roundup of the destination’s best restaurants and food stalls (including Gourmet Goat) here.

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