A straightforward and welcoming pub-conversion, in an ’emerging’ quarter between the City and the East End; the menu – which has an American slant and a particular emphasis on steaks – is realised to a competent standard, albeit at high prices.

The backers of the ‘original’ Missouri Grill, opposite Aldgate tube, have now gathered enough of a following that they’ve decided to launch an offshoot. It’s located not that far from HQ, in a former corner boozer, in an emerging City quarter behind Tower Bridge tube. (Given the establishment’s American bias, it’s perhaps a shame that it’s not located in the major new office block nearby, which is so Metropolis-themed that it could well be home to the Daily Planet).

They must be doing something right, as the small but bright upstairs dining room was full up on our lunchtime visit. At the suggestion of a very helpful waitress, we therefore ate from the ‘proper’ menu in the bare but comfortable ground-floor bar (where a bar menu is also served).

We enjoyed everything we ate, but felt that prices fully reflected the City location. Steaks, for example, run from £19 to £25, and ours – cooked as requested – was middle-of-the-road.

So this is one of those places where a perfectly standard lunch could easily exceed £60/head, making it of more interest to those flexing the corporate credit card than those paying their own way. If you do find yourself with business in this part of the City, however, this would – in a part of town where there are still few alternatives – be a destination well worth knowing about.

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