Breddos open third London outpost

b5f0bd73d01f3e66ef91fd0c33b96f85If you haven’t got the megabuck-backing of a Russian oligarch – or of one of the existing restaurant empires – then one of the best ways to get your foot in the door of your own establishment seems to be to start at street level. The latest ‘street-food-vendors-turned-pop-up-operators-turned-restaurateurs’ are the people behind Breddos – winners of the 2014 Taco Wars (which readers will doubtless recall from our March pop-up guide).

This Mexican-American small plates concept (a fancy way of saying tacos and sliders) opened its second bricks and mortar London outpost today (11 April). Breddos, which already has a permanent location at Sliderbar in Soho’s Broadwick Street and a street food shack in Hackney’s Netil Market, is now at Trip Space in Haggerston.

For those not in the know, Trip Space is another one of those infuriatingly cool East End ‘cultural spaces’ with art, food and music all mingling together into one hipster haven.


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