English fizz is the biz

The inaugural English Sparkling Wine Show will take place in Shoreditch at the end of May. It is organised by Fabio Adler, whose new venture Mousseux Anglais aims to champion Anglo sparklers.

Guests at the show, to be held in the Apartment at the Hoxton on Wednesday May 31, will be able to taste wines from Digby, Herbert Hall, Hoffmann & Rathbone, Hindleap, Smith & Evans, and more.

Adler, a restaurant consultant, says: “In recent years, English sparkling wine has been highly praised for its quality, beating champagne in various competitions and collecting an impressive number of awards and medals. Although it is a category that is growing in popularity and recognition, it still feels to be quite under-the-radar for most consumers.”

The show is part of English Wine Week, which runs from May 27 to June 4. Tickets are available at £15 or £20 from Kweekweek.

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