J Sheekey chef heads east to Wright Bros

imgres-1We don’t often report on the comings and going of chefs, but news that J Sheekey are bidding farewell to head chef Richard Kirkwood after five years seemed particularly noteworthy. Richard Caring’s restaurant and oyster bar has long been a favourite with our reporters, consistently London’s most commented on restaurants with top ratings for its seafood.

And where is Kirkwood off to after all those years? He is heading east to run the Wright Brothers latest outpost in Spitalfields – good news for the legions of fans the market-adjacent restaurant has won since it opened this summer.

One imagines Kirkwood will be quite at home at this ‘sea-to-plate’ dining experience which offers a selection of over 10,000 (so they say) live molluscs and crustaceans, and shellfish is prepared on a central 20 metre counter in front of the guests.


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