Biju bubbling up in Soho

picture of Biju

Fans of tapioca and fruity drinks rejoice – 6 August will see the opening of Biju Bubble Tea Room in Soho.

The brainchild of Nick Phan (the entrepreneur, not the acclaimed tenor), Biju will serve up a flavourful range of the Taiwanese cold tea drink, with toppings including traditional tapioca pearls and fruit jellies.

Amongst the myriad of recent food trends, London has yet to experience a bubble tea boom, but perhaps Soho is destined to be the epicentre: Biju forerunner Bubbleology opened on Rupert Street in 2011. Phan has stated he wants to ‘raise the bar’ for bubble tea with this new opening. Perhaps tea and tapioca is the new surf’n’turf…


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