YHZ_DbQ4naTrlGDUKNP5D9831ECj_TcbHfgwJ7wzIQYBringing a bit of ’80s kitsch to Islington – as well as a taste of mainland China – is a new all-day dining room, Chinese Laundry. Designed to look like an average Chinese home (from the era of leg-warmers and Walkmans), the restaurant serves traditional cuisine and an exotic cocktail list with white spirits (baijiu).

On the menu: Chinese pickles made on-site; twice cooked crispy lamb, Beggar’s chicken and Dongpo Pork Belly, as well as small plates like: Old Beijing Skewers, Sichuan ‘Saliva’ Chicken and Spiced Ciba (hand made rice cakes).

For an authentic Chinese street breakfast, try the Doufunao (silky tofu curd) and the crispy and puy Youtiao bread, with a cup of freshly made soy milk. Chinese Laundry opened in Islington’s Upper Street on 12 October.

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