Pidgin chef’s next move

Former Pidgin head chef Elizabeth Allen will offer diners a taste of what to expect from her new restaurant, Shibui, with a two-week residency at Carousel in Marylebone starting on January 17.

Billed as a sophisticated approach to barbecue, Shibui will have both European and east Asian influences, reflecting Allen’s dual British and Singaporean heritage.

Pidgin, in Hackney, was one of the most notable London openings of recent times, winning a Michelin star in its first year. Since leaving her post there Allen has founded Kaizen House, a restaurant launch company. Shibui, due to open in London later this year, is its first project.

Carousel is a unique venue offering its own menu at lunchtime and with a rolling programme of guest chefs — many of them from abroad — in the evening.


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