Screenshot 2015-07-30 14.50.34Yet another slice of Americana arrives in London as legendary Chicago sandwich shop Potbelly opens its first European restaurant in Stratford’s Westfield shopping centre. A signature selection of deep-filled sandwiches are made to order at the counter, served with hand-dipped milkshakes, soft drinks, cookies and live music.

Founded in the Windy City back in 1977, Potbelly began as a small antiques store, with the name stemming from one of its best-selling items, the potbelly stove. The founders began to serve lunch to their loyal customers and soon queues were snaking out the door and ‘round the corner.

Three decades later Potbelly has over 440 stores across the USA and now a European outpost.

On the menu: A Wreck (salami, Angus roast beef, turkey and Swiss cheese); mega ‘merican madness (meatball in a rich tomato and herb sauce topped with melted Provolone cheese); The Mediterranean (harissa hummus, crumbled feta, artichoke and red peppers). There’s also a selection of kids’ sandwiches like the all-American PB&J, a pizza sandwich and toasted cheese with melted cheddar. Breakfast is served daily until 11 am.

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