The ex-Viajante chefs behind street food phenomenon TÄ€ TÄ€ Eatery have teamed up with Curio Cabal coffee shop to bring their ‘Chinese family style’ rice fix with a Portuguese twist to Haggerston. The pair’s first permanent site will initially open for Thu-Sat dinner only from 16 June.
Chefs Zijun Meng and Ana Gonçalves, both ex-Viajante and Chiltern Firehouse, have partnered with Matt Broughton and Jeremy Duffy of Curio Cabal to create Curio + TĀ TĀ.
Spurred on by their obsession with rice and drawing on their Druid Street Market success, the pair of have created a concise menu – a choice of snacks, hot plates and cold dishes, all designed to accompany that perfect bowl of rice. Eaten “Chinese family style”, the menu is inspired by the chefs’ home cooking and is subtly reflective of their Chinese and Portuguese roots.
Dishes include: Peanuts (served braised, with edemame and celery); Congee (Asian rice porridge with rich chicken stock, herb sauce, crispy skin and dough sticks) and Shime Saba, charred and pickled mackerel.
The 34-cover restaurant has an additional outdoor seating area for up to 60 where diners can enjoy cocktails and snacks.
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