How to download your free reporter edition

1. Download the best Harden’s Restaurant Guide app for your phone

There is no longer a dedicated “Reporter app”.  If you qualify for a free app, download the main Harden’s app for either Apple or Android devices.

2. Install the app

3. Open the app

After the data has downloaded, you will see the screen below.

i.  Choose close (you qualify for a free version, therefore you do not need to pay).

ii.  Choose “My Account” using the icon bottom right.

Screen shot of search page

4. Login

Choose “Login/Register” and give the same username and password as you use to fill out the survey.

Screen shot of login page

5. Enjoy!

Please let us know immediately of any issues you encounter, so that we can help with any problems, or suggestions for improvement. First see our guide Troubleshooting the iPhone app, and if this doesn’t work please contact us.

6. Please share the love!

If you like what you see, please remember to give the App a good review on the App store.