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Legendary in Paris for over 100 years, Mariage Frères has finally crossed the Channel properly (the tea is available in Selfridges as a concession) to delight us with its tea-based cuisine. Everything served, from breakfast to dinner (and especially afternoon tea) has tea in it - and they have over 1000 varieties and flavours to choose from. The five storey Georgian building in Covent Garden houses a shop, first-floor 'Salon de Thé', tea museum and two floors of private rooms with terraces.

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steven s
It's about time they came to London. A rep...
Reviewed 1 months, 9 days ago

"It's about time they came to London. A replica of the original shop in Covent Garden, with a charming tea room upstairs for lunch and light snacks. The Blanquette de Veau was excellent and the pastries delicious. A welcome addition to the Covent Garden scene which is now overwhelmed with "chain restaurants""

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38 King Street, London, WC2E 8JS

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