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Opened in early 2020, this new venture from Tom Aikens features a seasonal tasting menu; each floor of the two-floor restaurant on Groom Place will have an open kitchen.

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Muse Restaurant Diner Reviews

Reviews of Muse Restaurant in SW1X, London by users of Also see the editors review of Muse restaurant.
Lloyd S
What an absolute fabulous little restaurant...
Reviewed 3 months, 4 days ago

"What an absolute fabulous little restaurant this place is. We first had the pleasure of visiting Muse back in december where we enjoyed an incredible dining experience. This enhanced our desire to return at the earliest opportunity and yesterday was the day when we indeed had that chance. I can tell you now that if we thought our first visit was amazing then our second was absolutely stunning. The restaurant itself is in a nice quiet location in the Belgravia area. We entered the restaurant and received a delightful welcome back before being escorted upstairs to the main dining area. Here we would be seated at the counter in the same seats as our previous visit. Once comfortable the rest of the staff took the opportunity to say thanks for visiting the restaurant again. Once comfortable we were shown the menu to which there was a choice of the five or eight course tasting menus for lunch. We without any hesitation decided to opt for the eight courses. Now it was time to meet sommelier Angelo who recommended a fabulous 2018 Holger Koch Grauburgunder to compliment perfectly with the majority of the menu. FOREVER PICKLING This is where it all begins with a delightful selection of snacks including Turnips , Crab & the Muse version of KFC along with Bread and heavenly Chicken Butter. JUST DOWN THE ROAD We now moved on to the next course of Ricotta , Peach & Beans that was an absolute flavour sensation. The creaminess and slight richness from the ricotta & beans mixed with the freshness of the peach gazpacho leaves your palate in heaven. This was followed by the DAZZLING NEW HEIGHTS a delightful and refreshing Scallop , Cucumber & Almond. MOTHER’S POTATO SALAD To create a fantastic dish using the humble potato is nothing short of genius and this Potato , Truffle & Artichoke dish was just that. With this we received a nice surprise from sommelier Angelo as he poured us a complimentary glass of Vignerons Giachino Ma Douce a fabulous fruity french red wine to pair with the dish. Next to come was the CONQUERING THE BEECH TREE This was an amazing dish combining Langoustine , Pork Fat & Burnt Apple to which when all mixed together to leave your palate dancing with delight. We followed with the stunning SMOKEY SUMMERS a Sea Bass with Aubergine & Tomato. Now we moved to the main course IF IT AIN’T BROKE This was Lamb , Mint & Courgette with a delicious jus and a mint sauce including seaweed proved to be a match made in heaven. To pair with this Angelo came up with another fabulous wine. This time he chose a fantastic medium bodied Kepos 2018 Ampeleia from Tuscany. We then decided to have the additional Cheese Course with a Baron Bigod with Sorrel & Hazelnut along with a selection of crackers , pickles & homemade condiments. This was personally one of the best cheese courses I’ve had the pleasure of eating. Now it was Lollipop time with a Pre Dessert of Kaffir Lime Solero ice lollies that were delicious. This was followed by MUSE MESS a take on the eton mess dessert. This consisted of Strawberry , Sheep’s Yoghurt & Pink Peppercorn and a delightful way to finish. We finished with one of their specialty teas and delicious treats to bring to an end an absolutely fantastic dining experience. This really is a restaurant that I would highly recommend paying a visit to. The food created by Tom Aikens head chef Seamus and his team is stunning. This is matched by excellent service led by Julien & Danny. All this is rounded of by sommelier Angelo and his amazing wine recommendations. Thank You Tom , Seamus , Julien , Danny , Angelo and all the team for an outstanding lunch and looking forward to seeing you all again soon."

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Anthony P
The concept of dishes inspired by childhood...
Reviewed 3 months, 5 days ago

"The concept of dishes inspired by childhood memories works well enough, but I didn't enjoy some of the food (the 'KFC style' chicken wings were just odd, and the bread had a thick burnt layer at the bottom). The service was meticulous, as one would expect at this sort of restaurant. The ambience was pleasant enough, but would be cramped if the restaurant had been running at full capacity."

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Lloyd S
This was a fantastic dining experience that...
Reviewed 10 months, 17 days ago

"This was a fantastic dining experience that will be remembered for quite a while. A visit to a Tom Aikens restaurant had been on our list for a time now so therefore when we read about his latest venture it really appealed to us and we couldn't wait to go. This all came to fore on a delightful wednesday lunchtime. We arrived at hyde park corner and made the short walk to the restaurant which is in a fabulous corner setting of a mews. We were given a friendly welcome on arrival and were shown into the ground floor area which has a small lounge area plus availability for five people to sit at the chef's kitchen counter. Then after a brief chat we were escorted upstairs to the main restaurant area. This is where you'll find seating for twenty people (6 at the counter & 14 on tables). We took up the kind offer of being seated at the chef's counter as this gives you a great opportunity to see all the hard work that goes into creating their amazing dishes close up. There were two choices of menus on offer a three course lunch or our choice the seven course tasting menu. We started with a gin & tonic while we were presented with a fabulous selection of snacks titled Forever Picking along with Bread & the heavenly homemade butters. This led us onto our first course the PUMPKIN a Soup with dumplings , mussels & trompettes. Straight away you could taste the amazing flavours and see the fabulous attention to detail that went not only into this dish but to all that was to come. We followed this with the WILD DUCK with custard , brioche & foie gras which once again was a flavour sensation. Before the first course we met with sommelier Angelo to recommend a glass of wine for the following two dishes and it's fair to say he came up with a couple of great suggestions. The next course was titled SPROUTS but I can tell you now you'll never have them like this as together with cabbage , bacon & bread sauce they were delicious. Now it was time for a lighter dish and the beautifully cooked DOVER SOLE with broccoli , seaweed and a champagne foam. This led us to the main course of PHEASANT which was accompanied with chestnut , celeriac & cranberry and was yet another stunning plate of food. Congrats also to Angelo for the fabulous wine pairings with this dish. I'd now like to pause for a moment and say how the service and friendliness from Tom , Seamus , Julien , Danny & Angelo was absolutely first class and they really do everything to make your lunch a memorable occasion. We now move onto the supplemented CHEESE course which was a fantastic truffle baron bigod accompanied by chutney , crackers , biscuits & jams. The cheese was paired with a fantastic Tokaji Aszu 2011 sweet wine and a 10 year old tawny port. Now it was time for dessert which had a nice Xmas name EGGNOG with gold , white chocolate & rum that was absolutely delicious. We finished with coffee and a fabulous selection of petit fours to bring to an end a truly fantastic dining experience and as I said at the beginning one that we won't forget in a hurry. I would therefore highly recommend a visit to this amazing restaurant where the attention to detail and flavour of the food is of the highest calibre. I will definitely be returning as soon as possible in the new year. Thank You Tom and all your team for the amazing food , wine & service. Wishing you all the best and look forward to seeing you all again soon. #SupportHospitality"

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  Cost Availability Courses
Menu1 130.00 Always available 8
Menu2 50.00 Lunch only 3
Wine per bottle £39.00
Filter Coffee £5.50
Service 10.00%
38 Groom Place, London, SW1X 7BA
Opening hours
Tuesday6 pm‑11 pm
Wednesday6 pm‑11 pm
Thursday12:30 pm‑1:30 pm, 6 pm‑11 pm
Friday12:30 pm‑1:30 pm, 6 pm‑11 pm
Saturday12:30 pm‑1:30 pm, 6 pm‑11 pm

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