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Veteran restaurateur Jeremy King has taken over the lease of the order Le Caprice, behind the Ritz in St James's – the restaurant where he made his name 40 years ago. Opening in spring 2024, it will be very much a re-creation of the original but for legal reasons under a new name – even down to a menu of 'greatest hits' from Le Caprice of the 90s, such as bang bang chicken and salmon fishcakes.

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20 Arlington Street, London, SW1A 1RG

Arlington Restaurant Diner Reviews

Reviews of Arlington Restaurant in SW1A, London by users of Also see the editors review of Arlington restaurant.
Tim Y
Those who loved Le Caprice will undoubtedly...
Reviewed 8 days ago

"Those who loved Le Caprice will undoubtedly love its reincarnation. Food at the top end of bistro fare, service well-drilled and very pleasant (if looking to turn tables), atmosphere as buzzy and celeb-filled as you might wish for. The reasonable prices are hugely creditable."

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James C
We went on the day after re-opening and wer...
Reviewed 2 months, 21 days ago

"We went on the day after re-opening and were delighted to see that the interior was still Le Caprice. Service was not quite up to that of the old days but probably needs to settle for a few weeks."

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Andrew W
A welcome return. looks and feels like the ...
Reviewed 3 months, 18 days ago

"A welcome return. looks and feels like the old Caprice, hurrah! "

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Tom C
The return of Jeremy King lives up to expec...
Reviewed 3 months, 21 days ago

"The return of Jeremy King lives up to expectations. Pricing of the very well prepared comfort food was surprisingly competitive and portion sizes very generous. Was this competitive for the launch period? Time will tell. As you would expect service was impeccable and friendly."

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Geoffrey P
Bit rough round the edges foodwise - but it...
Reviewed 4 months, 2 days ago

"Bit rough round the edges foodwise - but its early days. Otherwise brilliant to be back ..."

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What the Newspaper Critics are saying

Evening Standard

“Getting a table before 10pm is
already a bit of an impossibility,” declared the Standard’s chief restaurant
critic, Jimi Famurewa, smitten after a “bewitching couple of hours” over
lunch with his wife.

Reminding readers that he was too young to have experienced the venue in
its previous Jeremy King incarnation, Jimi described the joint stylishly as
“a meticulous, unabashedly sentimental remastering of Le Caprice, the
canonical celebrity canteen that operated on this same site for almost 40
years”. As a result, you may “feel like you’ve gatecrashed a lavish and
emotional reunion party” amid the assembly of “Burberry-wearing
glamazons, bohemian money and semi-retired flâneurs in their formal

For all that, Jimi was struck by the way Arlington “reasserts the relevance
and value of suaveness, subtlety and a kind of ineffable, timeless magic
through hospitality”.

Equally impressive was the “sophisticated comfort” food whose flavours
“land as softly as a Hungarian goose down pillow”. The famous old
favourites – bang bang chicken, salmon fishcakes – were all they were
meant to be, while a newcomer, “Russell’s Caesar salad (named,
touchingly, for the late Russell Norman) was poised, abundant and
fittingly brutto ma buono”.

Jimi Famurewa - 2024-03-25

The Times

Giles Coren has already eaten twice at what he called “the most talked-about opening of the year, maybe the decade”, which, given its recency, must qualify him as a regular – which he insists he was at the old Jeremy King/Elton J/Princesses Di & Margaret Le Caprice (and “nobody went in the Luke Johnson/Richard Caring years, darling, literally nobody”).

His verdict? “Brilliant” – “And the food is great. Just great. The sort of stuff that you really can eat every day,” including “the best shepherd’s pie ever”.
Giles’s sign-off: “‘I don’t know if Richard Caring really is planning to open a
Caprice somewhere,’ said absolutely everyone. ‘But when he hears about this place, he is going to be mightily pissed off.’”

Giles Coren - 2024-03-25

Daily Mail

Tom Parker Bowles tipped up (a little late) at Jeremy King’s comeback restaurant on the site of his former masterpiece, Le Caprice, which no critic has yet dared to malign.

“At first glance, it seems like nothing has changed. Save, that is, for the name,” Tom fudged, struggling in vain to find something new to say about it. Never mind: “all’s as it once was. And all is well in the world.”

Tom Parker-Bowles - 2024-03-31

The Daily Telegraph

William Sitwell joined the great and the good of the media world to “smooch and hug and nod and wave and relish being there” at Jeremy King’s revivalist venue – “#notlecaprice. Because, lol, of course it is”.

Of course, he said, the actual food is not the point of the place. He then
proceeded, to his credit, to become the first reviewer to puff up his chest
and offer a criticism of the great place, taking aim at “a pair of off-kilter

“The treacle tart was a thick gingery, citrussy wedge, not the breadcrumb-
textured beauty it should be, and my guest, who has a house in New
Zealand, insists that the hokey pokey coupe is, in fact, hocus pocus. The
true NZ version is nothing more than vanilla ice cream, pimped up with
nuggets of honeycomb, while at Arlington it comes covered in chocolate
sauce.” At this point, William lost his nerve a little, adding that the dish was
“delightfully, simply, delicious.”

William Sitwell - 2024-04-07

The Guardian

For a brief moment, it seemed that Grace Dent would be the first critic to dare slag off Jeremy King’s renamed revival of Le Caprice. “Spruced-up nursery food for those who find mastication arduous” hardly presaged a good review – “Jerry Hall’s next husband could manage almost the whole menu without putting in teeth.”

But no, it was just the moneyed clientele – “spoilt, grown-up babies” – that she wanted to skewer rather than the cooking or the David Bailey photos on the wall. The fish and chips were a disappointment, but everything else she tasted hit the spot: the Caesar salad was “showstoppingly good”, the bang bang chicken “delicious” and the puddings “truly fantastic, the latter including “Britain’s best crumble – I’ve thought about it hourly ever since”.

Grace Dent - 2024-04-21


Traditional European menu

Starter Main Veggies Pudding
£16.50 £31.40 £5.75 £10.50
Wine per bottle £36.00
Filter Coffee £0.00
Bread £5.75
Service 15.00%
20 Arlington Street, London, SW1A 1RG
Opening hours
Monday12 pm‑3 pm, 5:30 pm‑11 pm
Tuesday12 pm‑3 pm, 5:30 pm‑11 pm
Wednesday12 pm‑3 pm, 5:30 pm‑11 pm
Thursday12 pm‑3 pm, 5:30 pm‑11 pm
Friday12 pm‑3 pm, 5:30 pm‑11 pm
Saturday11 am‑4 pm, 5:30 pm‑11 pm
Sunday11 am‑4 pm, 5:30 pm‑10 pm

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