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The owners are a group of four friends who have sourced wines from the foot of Mt Vesuvius and have installed the very best flash flame pizza oven. 100% authentic.

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“A great addition to the neighbourhood” – this new, small but stylish Kilburn pizza-stop is owned by Neapolitans and it shows: despite the odd report that it was “shambolic in its early days”, all agree that “the pizza is amazing”.

Very Good
* Based on a three course dinner, half a bottle of wine, coffee, cover charge, service and VAT.

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Owner's description

We are a group of friends who met in Naples in 2002 when I was teaching English, we remained close and always dreamt of opening a pizzeria as we were passionate about eating it! We all spent the subsequent years either in London or Naples boring anyone that would listen that one day we would open a pizzeria but our careers and family never seemed to allow it, until recently. So after finally deciding life was too short to keep putting it off we decided to go for it. As we are from Naples and Campania (although I myself was born and bred in the U.K. ) we began to make contacts with small artisan suppliers of some of the most unbelievable ingredients to create the food that had brought us together and that we were passionate about. Quartieri is very much about quality and carefully sourced produce, reflecting both the classic Naples as well as the modern one and allowing it to rise without boundaries in London, the city that we have all shared such amazing memories in. 

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11 pm
300 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 2DB
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noon - 11 pm
Last orders: 11 pm

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