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Next door to his Fish, Wings & Tings, Brian Danclair has opened a restaurant to showcase his experiences of cooking in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.

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* Based on a three course dinner, half a bottle of wine, coffee, cover charge, service and VAT.

A colourful, small new space in Brixton’s Granville Arcade (Brixton Village as it’s called nowadays) created in mid 2021 by Brian Danclair who also runs nearby ‘Fish Wings & Tings’ (now over a decade old). It’s still off-radar in our survey, but both The Sunday Times’s Marina O’Loughlin (“a restaurant on the verge of a party” with a “bass-heavy soundtrack and hectic colour scheme probably detectable from space”) and The Evening Standard’s Jimi Famurewa (“None of what is on offer… seeks to reinvent the wheel… yet, there is something quietly radical about its forceful sincerity”) have raved in recent times.

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67-68 Granville Arcade, Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 3PR


Tapas / Dim Sum

Main Pudding
£9.50 £8.00
Wine per bottle £29.00
Filter Coffee £3.00
Service 10.00%
67-68 Granville Arcade, Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 3PR
Opening hours
Tuesday12 pm‑10:30 pm
Wednesday12 pm‑10:30 pm
Thursday12 pm‑10:30 pm
Friday12 pm‑10:30 pm
Saturday12 pm‑10:30 pm
Sunday12 pm‑10:30 pm