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Originally at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, The Frog moved in July 2018 to a bigger site in Hoxton Square, alongside a new whisky bar, Iron Stag and a branch of Adam Handling's coffee and beer shop chain, Bean & Wheat.

The Frog Hoxton Restaurant Diner Reviews

Reviews of The Frog Hoxton Restaurant in N1, London by users of Hardens.com. Also see the editors review of The Frog Hoxton restaurant.
Anna W
Incredible food with prices to match but th...
Reviewed 4 months, 24 days ago

"Incredible food with prices to match but the restaurant is loud, uncomfortable and does not work. The chairs resemble the sort of reclaimed wooden stools, reclaimed from old churches- don’t get me wrong, I like these chairs but they don’t work with a five star meal! Whilst I also love music in the background, it sounded like Capital Radio. The songs were dreadful- at least find a decent music supervisor and get some proper tunes playing if the music has to be that loud....."

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Robert M
A very pleasing welcome, although we were a...
Reviewed 4 months, 25 days ago

"A very pleasing welcome, although we were asked for a second time how our day was!!! The view of the kitchen provides for a bit of a distraction especially with lots of dry ice billowing from the counter. It was refreshing to have some new flavours delivered although the starters and finger food outshone our mains. The only nail in the coffin was a disastrous £50.00 bottle of Austrian Red. Austria is usually a very reliable supplier for both white and red wines and this is one of the first instances where we were totally underwhelmed by a bottle."

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Axel T
Food was great, but the place was deserted ...
Reviewed 5 months, 1 day ago

"Food was great, but the place was deserted when we had lunch on a Wednesday."

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Lloyd S
If I start by saying I've already booked in...
Reviewed 7 months, 3 days ago

"If I start by saying I've already booked in for a return visit then what's to follow will not surprise you. This was an excellent lunch from start to finish combining stunning food & drink with fabulous service. We arrived at Liverpool Street station and decided to take the fifteen minute stroll along Curtain Road then as you cross Old Street this will lead you straight to the restaurant. The restaurant itself is set on a corner of Hoxton Square which is another area in Shoreditch that has been developed into a hip & trendy location. When we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by restaurant manager / sommelier George who really looked after us throughout our visit. After a brief chat he showed us to our table which was along by the window overlooking the square. Once seated we had a look around the restaurant which was actually very spacious. On the left as you enter is the long open kitchen then in front there are three rows of seats with an additional seating area at the opposite end where on the wall was some amazing artwork. There is also the addition of a bar area downstairs. We started with a drink from there extensive wine & beer list where they in fact have over two hundred beers so unless you have a favourite it's best to ask George for some advice. It was then time to look at the menus which there was a choice of A La Carte or our choice the Tasting Menu which you can have matched wines or beers. First up from the menu was some amazing snacks that were so delicious and just a fantastic way to start. One was a Heritage Carrot , Roasted Hazelnuts & Mint and the other was Trout , Buckwheat & Passion Fruit Next to come was the Bread with the simply amazing Chicken Butter that was so good we were given some to bring home. This was accompanied by the Beef , Chilli & Lovage on a cracker with delightful indian flavours While enjoying your food you get to listen to some great tunes which I have heard people say can be quite loud but I can assure you that is not the case. What's also good is that the chefs bring out each course themselves which is a really nice touch especially with it being an open kitchen giving you the opportunity to interact if you so wish. So on to our next dish and which in fact is Adam's signature dish the Celeriac , Yolk , Apple , Dates & Truffle was an absolute delight. This was followed by a fabulous Mussel & Pumpkin Curry with Wild Rice very light and delicate but giving a nice warm feeling in the throat Now it was time for our main course and there was no disappointment here either as we enjoyed a fabulous Duck , Rhubarb & Pistachio dish which was brought to us by head chef Jamie who it was great to meet and have a chat with. Before desserts we were then treated to a heavenly Cheese Doughnut which George matched with a fabulous glass of Banyuls Dessert Wine. It was to die for as our waitress Tamsin who also a pleasure to meet and looked after us very well verified Now it was time for desserts to which there were three to choose from. My wife chose the Blood Orange , Lemon Balm & Oats so it was only right that i chose the other two. One being the Chocolate Tofu , Coconut & Lime and the other a Caramelised White Chocolate , Buckwheat & Apple. All desserts were pure heaven and delightfully matched with fabulous sweet wines a Mount Horrocks Gordon Cut and a light Rude Mechanicals Frizzante To finish we enjoyed a coffee and a delightful Petit Four which brought to an end an outstanding lunch. I'm already looking forward to our return in April and I would highly recommend booking a table here. I'd like to say a Thank You to Jamie and his chefs for the amazing food and also to George , Tamsin and the team for taking care of us which really added to our lunch experience"

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Matthew C
So modern. The room, the service, the drink...
Reviewed 7 months, 11 days ago

"So modern. The room, the service, the drinks, the menu. really very, very good."

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“A new star in London’s dining scene!” – Adam Handling’s “outstanding” year-old Covent Garden branch is proving just as big a smash hit as his E1 original (which, in mid 2018, moved to a new, 60-cover site on the corner of Hoxton Square, together with a bar and coffee shop). His “clever and delicious” British tapas feature “brilliant taste combinations” yet “without being prissy or overly expensive”; while the “chilled” atmosphere is “that so hard-to-achieve balance of professionalism with perfect relaxation and excitement”. Service, too, gets a big thumbs up: “top class and efficient but not obtrusive, and so friendly”. See also Belmond Cadogan Hotel.

Very Good
* Based on a three course dinner, half a bottle of wine, coffee, cover charge, service and VAT.


“Bold British tapas, with interesting combinations, textures and flavours” goes down a storm at Adam Handling’s “superb newcomer” – an “echoey”, rather “Spartan” operation in Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery, where “you observe the fierce concentration of the chefs, who also serve you”; and which achieved top marks for food in spite of significant grumbling even from fans over its “unbelievably high bills”. He must be doing something right, as in September 2017 he’s already opened branch number two, in Covent Garden. Top Menu Tip – “the best mac ’n’ cheese in London”.

* Based on a three course dinner, half a bottle of wine, coffee, cover charge, service and VAT.

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