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In an old Shoreditch iron works (could the location be any hipper?) a new drinking and eating den from the folks behind Hoxton's Alice in Wonderland-inspired Looking Glass Cocktail Club.

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Located in Shoreditch at 46 Great Eastern Street, a former iron factory has been transformed into a triple tier drinking den. Keeping original features such as cast iron pillars and the industrial lift which houses the DJ booth, Iron Bloom blends historic rusticity with a warm, modern feel.

The restaurant in the lower chamber serves gourmet dining in a relaxed ambience; it’s a British menu made of small sharing plates such as mini shepherd’s pies and oysters. There are classics as well as new creations perfectly designed to enjoy with one of our cocktails.

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olivier a
It is probably because they were hosting an...
Reviewed 2 months, 22 days ago

"It is probably because they were hosting an event at the same time, so it would deserve another try, but unfortunately the service was quite poor when we went there for dinner. It's a shame as the food was actually quite good ..."

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46 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3EP
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