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June 2020:

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A food research hub and - more recently - restaurant in Prestonfield. Co-owner Ben Reade was Noma’s head of research and development at the Nordic Food Lab, and head chef James Murray is an alum of Le Manoir, Lyle's and Nur in Hong Kong. Guest chefs, events and pop-ups are regular features.

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Very Good
Very Good
* Based on a three course dinner, half a bottle of wine, coffee, cover charge, service and VAT.

“In a slightly odd location and format… but always interesting!” – Ben Reade and Sashana Souza Zanella opened this crowdfunded venture a little way out of the city-centre in late 2015, with a view to ‘combine eating and drinking with arts, sciences, fun times and banter’. “Each evening seems different, with an approach like a research kitchen, and while fun combinations prevail, they are not as bonkers as you might fear”. “You feel that the whole place is totally infused with care and love for the ingredients and what they are doing – a passion you can sense, without being endlessly told about the ‘concept’ behind the restaurant”. “I’m still not entirely sold on multiple courses that I find over-punctuate the meal and interrupt conversation. But I’m really glad to have been”.

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158 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5DX

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No dress code


Availability 2 courses 3 courses coffee included service included
Dinner   £50.00
Wine per bottle £22.00
Filter Coffee £2.50
Service 10.00%
158 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5DX
Opening hours
Wednesday10 am‑10 pm
Thursday10 am‑10 pm
Friday10 am‑10 pm
Saturday10 am‑10 pm
Sunday10 am‑10 pm