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3 St Anne's Sq, Belfast, BT1 2LR

Owner's description

Cocooned in the Heart of the Cathedral Quarter is the newest addition to the Zen Restaurant Group, the Cool and Elegant House of Zen.

Now open since April 2012, The House of Zen blends a little bit of The Orient into the Traditional cobbled streets and cosy bars of the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast. Eddie Fung’s next baby is an exciting venture which will combine dark and moody elegant décor with a Chinese menu never before seen in Belfast. A tangible energy will meet you at the entrance where our Masterchefs will tempt your palate with the aromas of slowly barbequed, tender ribs, chicken fillet or wings, wild mushrooms or Asparagus and succulent steaks slowly cooking on our outdoor barbeque. Perfect for summer OR winter evenings. Or try our House of Zen Signature Dish, Marinated strips of Fillet beef cooked to your liking !!

As a prequel to your meal however, you may wish to head inside to the waterfall clad cocktail bar to sample one of the famous freshly made cocktails (Think ice cool vodka, freshly squeezed Granny Smith Apples, a touch of fresh lime brought together with the expertise of the skilled cocktail shakers).

The combination of the deliciously mouthwatering  Chinese menu will ensure there is something for EVERYONE no matter what your taste. From the Molasses and Kumquat drenched soft tender Pork Belly to our melt in the mouth Lamb Claypot, this genuine Chinese Cuisine will satisfy any palate.

Our chefs will also be regularly treating you to a taste of Cuisine from EVERY area of China as we host special weeks/evenings of the culinary delights of the vast differing regions of this amazing country. From spicy Sczehuan to the summery clean and light flavours of Guangdong Province, our guests will have a chance to try the true tastes of China.


Availability 2 courses 3 courses coffee included service included
Always £31.95 £33.95
Lunch £14.95  

Starter Main Pudding
£3.20 £18.80 £5.40
Wine per bottle £0.00
Filter Coffee £2.30
Service 10.00%

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No dress code

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3 St Anne's Sq, Belfast, BT1 2LR
Opening hours
Monday12 pm‑3 pm, 5 pm‑10:30 pm
Tuesday12 pm‑3 pm, 5 pm‑10:30 pm
Wednesday12 pm‑3 pm, 5 pm‑10:30 pm
Thursday12 pm‑3 pm, 5 pm‑10:30 pm
Friday12 pm‑3 pm, 5 pm‑11:30 pm
Saturday1 pm‑11:30 pm
Sunday1:30 pm‑10:30 pm

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