121 Upper Tooting Road, London, SW17 7TJ

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At Spice Village, we claim that every meal has a story. Interestingly, Spice Village itself has a fascinating story.
The story of Spice Village is a story of taste, passion, and excellence exhibited by Nasir & Suleman, two immigrant brothers who journeyed to London at the start of the millennium. Suleman, the younger one, resorted to sweating as a chef in a Brixton-based eatery in South London. Inspired by their mother’s delectable recipes of homemade desi-style food, the brothers aspired to start their own restaurant in the name of the magical healing power of spices. In 2004, their dream became a reality, when Suleman and his brother managed to open a 15-seater takeaway in Tooting with a true British Pakistani signature flavour.

At Spice Village, the rules are simple. Traditional dishes prepared over hot stones, coal grills and conventional tandoori ovens. Spice Village’s menu exhibits Pakistani culinary evolution with its melting pot of distinctive regional food traditions and cultural heritage perfected in villages and culinary hotspots across Pakistan.

Our award-winning chefs expertly prepare Pakistani comfort food, transporting you to an era where natural fire and smoke were the basic cooking form. The ancient technique allows direct heat of natural flames to intensify flavours and infuse each dish with the perfect amount of smokiness. At Spice Village, that magic comes alive and transports you to another place and time.

Through its signature spicy flavours, Spice Village offers a delectable journey to food lovers from every walk of life to celebrate good food and share intriguing food love stories. Today, Spice Village group has expanded to become a multi-award-winning British Pakistani restaurant chain along with UK’s leading events caterer.


Traditional European menu

Starter Main Pudding
£17.50 £8.00 £3.99
Filter Coffee £3.99
Bread £1.40
Service 10.00%

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121 Upper Tooting Road, London, SW17 7TJ
Opening hours
Monday12 pm‑11 pm
Tuesday12 pm‑11 pm
Wednesday12 pm‑11 pm
Thursday12 pm‑11 pm
Friday2 pm‑11 pm
Saturday12 pm‑11 pm
Sunday12 pm‑11 pm

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