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“The jewel of Finsbury Park!”, say local fans; it “doesn’t look much”, but it’s a “no-nonsense”, “colourful” and “busy” operation serving “generous and juicy Turkish dishes”.

Very Good
Very Good
* Based on a three course dinner, half a bottle of wine, coffee, cover charge, service and VAT.

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"User friendly in price, size and outlook"

Financial Times

Restaurant details

Highchair, Portions,
11 pm

Petek Restaurant Diner Reviews

Reviews of Petek Restaurant in N4, London by users of Hardens.com. Also see the editors review of Petek restaurant.
Catherine C
always reliably good and vibrant, fabulous ...
Reviewed 4 months, 7 days ago

"always reliably good and vibrant, fabulous fish, sparkling salads where generosity reigns - both portion servings and the service provided. The lunchtime offer is a complete steal and always raises the spirits."

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94-96 Stroud Green Rd, London, N4 3EN
Opening hours

all day noon - 11 pm
Last orders: 11 pm

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