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Fish & chips Restaurant in London

Brady’s, Dolphin Hs, Smugglers Way, London, SW18 1DG
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2016 Survey Result
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“Upmarket”, “quirky” fish ’n’ chip restaurant, run by the Brady family, whose longstanding success allowed it to expand to a Battersea riverside site a year ago; one or two regulars feel it has “no ambience” now, but ratings support those who say it’s “still an excellent, unpretentious local”.
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Owners Description

A Potted History of Brady’s

Luke Brady, the Grandfather, was the first one of our family to hold a licence in London in 1902 and we have been restaurateurs and licensees in London continually since that date.

Luke Brady, the Grandson, has been in the food and drink business for over 40 years. The majority of that time spent working for the family business, which was sold in the 80’s to the then Courage Brewery and the last 24 years running Brady’s.

In between we tried our hand at running a country house hotel with a 50-seater restaurant with full silver service and starched table cloths. That nearly killed us with two small children to bring up at the same time so we decided to try something simpler. Luke woke up one morning, sat bolt upright in bed and said “eureka! I know what we will do next, we will open a fish and chip restaurant!” Which, was a bit of a shock that early in the day.

So we sat down at the kitchen table and thought we live on an island surrounded by some of the best fish in the world so let’s celebrate our oysters from the East Coast, mussels, our cod, haddock and saithe from the North, our scallops, flat fish and crabs from Cornwall and everything as fresh as we could get it. So we packed up and shipped back to London and Brady’s was the result.

We have now had 25 years of buying and preparing the freshest fish and serving it simply, at great value.

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