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We hope you enjoyed reading this year's Food List. In order to be part of next year's edition please register below and start keeping your food diary from today. When registration opens in April we will email you a reminder and you can transfer your diary entries into reviews. Review five restaurants and we'll send you a free 2013 Hardens Guide. 

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You’ll be invited to take part in our famous annual restaurant survey (which we've run every spring since 1992). If you do so, you'll receive a free copy of our annual guide (In fact, it's better than that: the guide you'll get is one of our special Reporter Editions -- not sold in bookshops -- which combines all the content from our London restaurant guide and our UK restaurant guide.)

You’ll have your own private ‘space’ on our website, where you can keep – coming soon – a handy list of your favourite restaurants (with booking contact details), as well as your own restaurant diary. Further ‘member-only’ functionality will be added to this area in due course.

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