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The appreciation of excellence

Few business partnerships last as long as the co-operation between Rémy Martin and Harden’s. This is based on many things, but particularly on authenticity, integrity and reliability, which are important to both of us.

Harden’s derives its authenticity from its annual nationwide survey of restaurant-goers, leading to the creation of the UK’s definitive democratic restaurant guides. For Rémy Martin, the philosophy of excellence was instilled nearly 300 years ago, and has been subsequently passed down generation after generation, cellar master after cellar master, and today the house of Rémy remains synonymous with integrity and quality.

The Heart of Cognac

Since 1724, Rémy Martin – the only large cognac house still in family ownership – has produced cognacs of exceptional quality and taste. Alone, it sources 100% of its grapes from the very ‘heart of Cognac’. The “heart” has its own official designation: ‘Appellation Fine Champagne Contrôllée’. “Fine Champagne” indicates a blend of cognac from the two best areas in the centre of the Cognac region, Grande Champagne (at least half the blend) and Petite Champagne. Champagne lends its name to these two Cognac areas because, like the famous sparkling wine region, the soil is chalky. Over 80% of all the Fine Champagne cognac produced in this designated area is used in Rémy Martin Fine Champagne cognacs.

The result is three main characteristics which distinguish Rémy Martin: the harmony between the complex aromas and the sweetness of the flavours; the elegant richness of the aromas and palate; and the supreme length of the finish.

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