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56 Ship Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1AF
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Become a Club Partner

Would you like to attract more customers and build greater loyalty without cutting your profits?
With Harden’s Club, you can inspire greater loyalty from our most committed diners without hitting your margins
  • by rewarding higher spenders only when they have passed a minimum spend
  • by offering “money can’t buy” incentives that provide value to diners without hitting your pocket (a trip to the kitchen, hello from the chef)
  • with special deals that help fill your PDR
You have complete control to set the offers once this page is active.

How does the offer actually work?

  • Activate this page
  • Specify your offer (displayed only to club members)
  • Diner books through Hardens.com or via email or phone mentioning Harden’s Club
  • If you require, diner shows App or Card to confirm their membership on payment

Your commitment?

Your commitment is very limited. It is:
  • To make the offer (displayed only to club members)
  • To extend the offer for anyone who has booked it via the site
  • Er, that’s it.

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