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Even by Gordon Ramsay’s standards, recent PR for the launch of his new York & Albany establishment in Camden Town seems to mark a new low.

The newcomer, we read in Saturday’s Times, represents “two fingers to the Connaught”, and is “his way of getting even with the five star hotel” (which recently installed Hélène Darroze in its restaurant, in preference to Ramsay-protégée Angela Hartnett).

The piece, it seemed to us, was a spectacular own goal on Ramsay’s part, as his football-hooligan style of expression simply helped one understand why the Connaught would have been very pleased to be rid of him in the first place.

But it wasn’t the newspaper’s finest hour either – the supposed journalistic ‘linkage’ which enabled Ramsay’s bile to appear in print at all was tortured to the point of absurdity. (So what if the small Camden Town establishment is a great success? How would that enable Ramsay to ‘get even’ with a much larger five-star establishment, miles away in Mayfair?)

To add (multiple) insults to injury, the Times even allowed Ramsay to express the causes of his gratuitous dissatisfaction with the Connaught management in four different ways: it is “anally retentive”; is run by “little shits”; is “lord and lady’ pompous”; and that its staff “walk around with their heads up their arse.”

The tirade does make you wonder all the more about the long-term future for Gordon Ramsay at Claridges W1. That operation – we’d guess one of the Ramsay’s most profitable – is leased from Maybourne Hotel Group, who are, of course, the “shits” who run the Berkelely and the Connaught, both of which have decided in recent times that they can do without the services of the f-word chef in their main restaurants.

Some things don’t change, though, and whereas Ramsay seems to have plenty of time for photo-shoots and to mouth off to the media about those who have supposedly wronged him, he still hasn’t got round to filing the accounts for Gordon Ramsay Holdings as the law requires.

The 2006 accounts – which were signed and ready to file two months ago – are, as of today, precisely 15 months overdue. It can’t be long, presumably, before the Registrar gets around to threatening to strike the company off, which was the spur needed to get the previous accounts filed last year (reported

So obviously waving two fingers at the law is hardly the most professional way to run a company. But then neither is going in to the public prints to wave two fingers at your business partners, former or otherwise.

PS (2 October) By a remarkable coincidence, the Telegraph website covered the late filing story yesterday evening. As we had foretold, it quotes a spokesman for the Registrar as saying he “will not hesitate to take the company to court if it does not hand over the accounts immediately”.

The newpaper also reports a spokesman for Gordon Ramsay Holdings confirming that they are “going to be filed in two weeks time without fail." Gosh, that’s just what we were told back in June!

And July…!

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