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Highlights of the week


Huw Gott and Will Beckett

A new restaurant from the team behind Hawksmoor

Will Beckett and Huw Gott - the duo behind Hawksmoor - have announced plans for a new restaurant, Foxlow, in EC1: More

Aikens moves to NYC! (The 'other' one, that is)

Robert Aikens to run new restaurants inside NYC's William Hotel. More

David Collins, famed interior designer of London restaurants, dies

A brief obituary in Vogue about the designer of the interiors at restaurants like Sheekey's and The Wolseley More

Evening Standard Review

Four-star rave from Ms Maschler for Kirazu – a restaurant that manages to be both Japanese and fun! More

Westminster Council fail Wareing's restaurant for hygiene

Marcus W has trouble with the health police Does rather sound as if Westminster's gone in with the hobnail boots? More

Restaurant 'secrets' from The Daily Mail

Pretty people get better tables shock! More

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