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The chef at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Ireland has quit, less than a year after it opened, reports the Daily Mail. The newspaper claims that the Powerscourt venture has descended “into chaos” after Paul Carroll’s departure, and may even be closed.

We cannot of course know how accurate the prognostications of failure are – and Gordon Ramsay Holdings denies any risk of closure – but it seems unlikely that the departure of the chef is an invention.

To lose any head chef is unfortunate, but to lose at least three high-profile chefs in the course of recent openings – as the Ramsay empire has – is careless to say the least. (We’re previously reported on the departures of Neil Ferguson in New York, in which city he’s gone on to make quite a name for himself independently, and Gemma Tuley from Foxtrot Oscar).

Dubliner Carroll had worked for Ramsay in London for six years before launching the Powerscourt restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

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