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Drink the beer, and Blues Kitchen may live up to its name…

logo for The Blues Kitchen

'American diner to open in Shoreditch!' No great shock there, but it seems we should finally brace ourselves for a restaurant big enough to represent the Land of the Huge. The Blues Kitchen, an outpost of the Camden original of the same name, will seat a whopping 500 people when it launches in May – that’s more that twice the capacity of, say, Brasserie Zédel.

The all-day dining affair will feature a Texan BBQ menu including dishes such as fried alligator and pan fried catfish, cooked up by head chef Klodian Drici, formerly of BBQ chain Bodean's.

On the former site of Bar Music Hall, The Blues Kitchen is backed by The Colombo Group, also behind the soon-to-relaunch Cat & Mutton in London Fields.

Apart from its size, The Blues Kitchen will also try to set itself apart from other deep-fried diners with its booze selection. They're promising a massive collection of bourbons, as well as the terrifying-sounding Snake Venom – a Scottish beer (inevitably) that's the world's strongest at 67.5%. Just the latest way, then, for Shoreditch hedonists to get their kicks…

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