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Leading trade body the British Hospitality Association confirms in a report today that the hospitality industry has proved more resilient to the recession than was generally expected.

While hotel and restaurant insolvencies are running at a higher level than in previous years, quick action by operators to cut costs and to boost occupancy and footfall by providing special offers has enabled the vast majority to weather the storm, even if at reduced levels of profitability, reports

“Almost every establishment that has gone into insolvency has re-opened under new ownership,” said BHA chief executive Bob Cotton.

The surprising resilience of the sector was first suggested by Harden’s own research, published in August, which showed that London restaurant closures have, of late, been running at a surprisingly low level.

At the time, Harden’s conclusions – being somewhat at odd with the assumptions then prevailing – were greeted with scepticism by some professional commentators.

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