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After half a century in business, the King’s Road’s iconic Café Picasso has closed its doors for the last time, reports the Evening Standard.

With it dies the last living restaurant link to most famous thoroughfare of the Swinging Sixties. The similarly venerable Chelsea Kitchen, on the other side of the street, closed a couple of years ago (recently to be revived on the Fulham Road).

A number of the long-established restaurants that used to be thought to characterise the Chelsea dining scene have closed in recent times, including Dan‘s (now Il Giardino) and Monkey’s (which was briefly Tom’s Place). Only Foxtrot Oscar, wrecked as it is, carries on – at least in name – as part of the Gordon Ramsay empire.

Anyone wanting any sort of real living link with the period will now have to seek out one of Chelsea’s surviving side street Italians. such as La Famiglia or Ziani.

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