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Ever wanted to know what it’s like waiting tables?

Let us hand you over to Manuel…

“I'll be your waiter today. Your WAITER not your bitch, slave, butler, babysitter. I work in a busy city centre bar/restaurant in Belfast. I'm old enough to remember a time before shepherds pie was retro cool, but young enough to accept it.The food is good but the service is better. My rules are simple, be on time, eat, pay, tip, leave and don't bitch at me if you make 10 alterations and then decide you don't like it. I just wont care. Oh and never ever order the well done fillet.”

Read Manuel’s entertaining blog,

Every Friday, we aim to bring you something truly trivial to do with the wonderful world of dining out. If you come across something which deserves wider attention, please let us know at

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