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Shock news for Canary Wharf folk – Nobu-sibling Ubon E14 is to close later this month, reports

The official account being given by Ubon/Nobu is that the sudden closure is not because of any recent decline in trade, but because evening trade is poor, and the decision has been taken to move to a site closer in to the West End.

We can’t help feeling that this explanation can’t be the whole story. Restaurants traditionally make a lot of their annual profit in the run-up to Christmas, so if you have an under-performer you would – other things being equal – close it not now, but at the calendar year-end.

And why close now, when there still no new site to move to? Cynics might suggest that the fact that the Nobu group is currently up for sale

must in some way be related to the decision. It’s all gone very quiet since April when the proposed sale was announced. Perhaps the money men have decreed that the portfolio must be ‘tidied up’? And smartish.

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